Friday, August 26, 2016

732. IPS Reorganization: Here We Go Again!

   Remember that old joke about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? As a former supervisor at the Indianapolis Public Schools, I can say for sure that IPS is a master of that genre. Over a 27-year career I must have participated in at least a dozen "rearrangements" like this one just announced by the district. It was a running source of amusement for the staff members that the top dogs never improved the school system, they just reorganized it.
  I now have another view of this procedure--as a genealogist. Our Genealogical Society of Marion County is currently working on an IPS-SIG project to find old documents for all IPS schools, open or closed, and it's like pulling teeth. Why? Because is seems that when IPS reorganizes, they also close buildings (I must have helped with 40-50 of these!), and they throw as much as possible away, especially documents, memorabilia, and artifacts.
  Will they do that same thing this time? I hope not, but I do not have any high expectations. I do hope that the community comes out to prevent that from happening. Will you help?

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