Tuesday, November 22, 2016

753. Do You have A Revolutionary Ancestor?

Doing any lineage application can really show you the quality of your genealogy research. Here's a good one to start with if you're a guy. The females in your family can work with the Indiana DAR.
(Disclaimer: I am a long-time member of SAR.)

Monday, November 14, 2016

752. Indianapolis Public Library Doing IPS Records

I received the following message not long ago. Anyone interested? If so, contact Meaghan directly.
Go, Team!!

Hi Ron,

            I wanted to let you know that the Library received the grant to digitize the archives of IPS. Starting next year we will scan the Board meeting minutes, registers of children, and various other historical items. I will let you know when things start going online.

             It is our goal to make everything very searchable, so, if you know of anyone who would like to volunteer to transcribe handwritten meeting minutes, please let me know!

Meaghan Fukunaga, Digital Projects Manager, The Indianapolis Public Library

            digitalindy.org                    facebook.com/digitalindy

Friday, November 4, 2016

750. Descended From Pilgrims? Guess Again!

At the State Library's Genealogy Fair last month, I discovered that Indiana has a branch of this group. I also discovered that a "Pilgrim" for their purposes is anyone who immigrated into any American colony prior to 1700. So much for Plymouth Rock! Anyway, maybe you should check them out.