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Genealogy Lecture Programs-2015
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{All programs are 45-55 minute PowerPoint presentations.}

Topic                                       Title and Description

Beginning Research     “They Did What?” Lecture covering how to start from scratch and become the family                                      genealogist!  Records Range: All
CCC                             “Did Grandpa Work in the Tree Army?” A major part of the Depression-era                                      public works program, the Civilian Conservation Corps employed millions of                                      young men and affects us even today; Who, What, where are the records.
                                    Records Range: 1933-1940
Court Records              “Using Indiana Circuit Court Records” Hoosiers had many connections to                                       the state’s legal system; this session shows what those connections might                                       have been and where to find the records. Records Range: 1800-Present
Death Records             “Dying To Help Out, Too” Few Americans had a probate file; learn what                                      other records cover deaths and its effects. Records Range: All 
Fraternal Groups          "Fraternal Order of Everyone" America is a nation of joiners and
                                    fraternal organizations played a big part in American lives. Many
                                     records were created from  memberships in these groups, and those                                       records may open doors for your family history.
                                    Records Range: 1850-Present
Indianapolis                 “Researching in the Indianapolis Metroplex” Find where to do genealogy                                      research in the Hoosier state capital and what you may find.
                                    Records Range: All
Imaging                        “Image Your Ancestors” We live in a visual society; use images to turn                                       your sea of copy into visually appealing family histories. Records Range:                                      N/A
Immigration                 “Our Golden Door: Introduction To Immigration” This supremely                                      American topic yields massive amounts of critical data for your family                                      study; get your feet wet as you locate your immigrants.
                                    Records Range: All
Indiana Migration        “Populating Hoosierland” Learn how and when our ancestors arrived in                                      the state of Indiana and see what footprints they left behind. Records                                      Range: 1700-1900.
Land Records              “Land! Lots of Land!”  Explore the ins and outs of metes and bounds and the                                      rectangular survey system, military bounty lands, and the real reason our                                     ancestors came to America. Records Range: All
Maps                            “They Went That Away” Geography was a significant determiner of our                                      ancestor’s lives. Learn how maps can lead you into understanding those                                      lives. Records Range: All
PERSI & NUCMC       “Alphabet Soup: PERSI and NUCMC” Explore these two useful                                       genealogy collections and see how they can help your family research.                                       Records Range: All
Probates                       “Dying to Help Out” This session covers wills, estates, and probate                                      procedures, what records were created, and where to find them.
                                    Records Range: All
Publishing                    “Publishing Your Family History” Turn all that collected data into a                                      readable family history without breaking the bank. Records Range: N/A
School Records             “School Days: A Great Records Resource” School attendance created                                                             many kinds of records; find out what they are and where they are now.                                       Records Range: All
Special Censuses         “Count ‘Em Every Which Way” Explore the many kinds of other census                                      records and how they can fill in those 10-year gaps. Records Range: All
Scotch-Irish                 “Researching The Ulster Scots” Find out how folks from a few counties of                                       Northern Ireland spread all over the United States in only 200 years.
                                    Records Range: 1600-1800
Work Records              “Show Me The Money!” This lecture describes the many records created                                      from the occupations of our ancestors and shows how work lives                                       determined family lives. Records Range: Early to Present

Military Series

Revolutionary War      “Keep Your Powder Dry!” Find those ancestors who helped start our                                       nation; see what part they played, where they went, and what records they                                       left behind. Records Range: 1770’s-1840’s
Early Republic             “Warfare in the Early Republic” Between 1781 and 1861 America was                                       the site of many military conflicts; explore what these were and what their                                       records can do to help your family research. Records Range: 1781-1861
War of 1812                "The Do-Over War: Genealogy and the War of 1812" Now that we have reached                                      the bi-centennial of this conflict, review the origins and events of the war and                                      explore the record types, sources, and repositories, especially the online sites.                                       Records Range: 1810-1850
Civil War                     “Brother vs. Brother: Family History and the Civil War” This huge record                                      group from the mid-19th century can benefit millions of genealogists.                                      Record Range: 1860-1930
Spanish-Amer. War     “A Splendid Little War!” America’s first international war left records                                      behind far out of proportion to its military impact; let's track them down!
                                    Records Range: 1898-1950
World War One           Over There: World War One Genealogy” Millions of men and women                                                         participated in our first 20th century conflict, and they left records by the                                      ton. Records Range: 1914-1980
World War Two           “Tricky…But Do-Able: World War Two Genealogy” The dust still hasn’t                                      settled from this massive conflict, but many records are already helpful to                                      family historians. Records Range: 1939-Present
Advanced Military       “Guarding the Gates” When we go beyond the National Archives military                                      and pension files, what can we find and where? Records Range: All
CMTC                          “Did Grandpa March in the CMTC?” Explore the Citizens’ Military Training                                       Camp program, which ran from 1921-1941; who, what, where are the records?
                                       Records Range: 1921-1941

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